Monday, September 16, 2013

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Welcome Sign

I have been stalking this on item on Pinterest and so have been wanting to make it for myself. I was going to go buy all the parts and than I stubbed my toe in the garage with a left over piece of wood from the kids play structure and when I picked it up to move it, I realized it was the perfect piece for the project.

So I used:

1- 24 inch 4x4
1- 6x6 beveled plaque (from Hobby Lobby)
1- 4x4 beveled plaque
1-3x3 beveled plaque
1- black hook
1 chalkboard sign

So because I had the large piece, all the other parts cost me about 10 bucks. Each of the wood pieces were about 1/50 a piece and than the chalkboard sign was 5.99 but I had my 40% off coupon and the hook was also on sale for 1.50.

I had my hubby nail the plaques onto the bottom and the top. I than painted it with one coat of paint (I wanted the weathered unfinished look) and than the hubby screwed in the hook for me.

I than had decorated using left over burlap ribbon to make some rosettes. I decided on the chalkboard sign so I could change out the message and the rosettes are hot glued on, so I can just pop them off to change them out.

I love my sign hanger and I could also hang a small wreath from it as well.

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