Monday, September 23, 2013

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Spray Painted Mason Jars

I love the look of the mason jar and than add some color and make it look vintage is by far an even better look. I have been seeing all over the place how to do them and it is super easy- just takes some drying time and in the Houston humidity a little more time.


Mason Jar
Chalkboard spray paint
Red spray paint
Clear coat spray paint
Sand paper or sanding block

I took and sprayed the jar using the black chalk board paint. I did put two coats on. After it was completely dry which I let it sit over night, I sprayed it with the red paint - twice as well. Once that was dry, I than took a a sanding block and rubbed away at the top coat to reveal the black underneath to make it look vintage and aged. 

After that I sprayed it with two coats of the clear coat and between one, scolded my husband for touching it but he claimed it was dry. 

I love how it turned out and I actually made a few of them. One for myself, one as a present, and the kiddo convinced me to make her one as well for her pencils and such. 

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