Thursday, June 26, 2014

# Food Challenges

Kool Aid Cookies

I baked and that rarely happens but I was bored and it was just the boy and I at home (Miss O was off at camp) so I decided to try these cookies:

So I had all the ingredients because it is a basic sugar cookie recipe. I did not have the Hawaiian Punch packets but I did have Kool Aid so i used that instead. 

I made it per the directions, separated it into two bowls and added the entire packet of Kool Aid in- It got red and purple after kneading it for about five minutes. I added touch of blue food coloring to the purple to darken it up some (I was hoping it would become bluer). 

I love how they turned out! 

They look so fun and vibrant. I did try to add some sprinkles to the one batch but it didn't really work out. I also squashed the balls down because they don't really spread out.

So I totally need to go get blue Kool aid and make these for the 4th of July!

They also taste the flavors that I put in so of course tropical punch and grape!

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