Saturday, June 28, 2014

# Travel

Road Trip Day 1

Every year we travel from Houston all the way up to Wisconsin to visit family. This year we decided to tKe a different route through Oklahoma because my hubby had to stop at his mother's. 

We figured we needed to also be a tad tourist as we drove up. The first thing we saw was the Huge Sam Houston statue outside Huntsville.

Of course potty break at Buccees (have to say the new one five minutes from our house on the way to Galveston makes all the rest look poor). 

As we were traveling through Dallas we decided to stop at Dealey Plaza, the site of Kennedy's assassination. The area was filled with people and tour guides. We parked and took about a 15 minute walk around to see the grassy knoll and the memorial.

After that we stopped for lunch and well the choice was easy -

After gorging on In-n-out we continued on our way to our first night stop in Mudkogee, OK.

Tomorrow we are off to St. Louis to see the arch and tour the area. Have always wanted to go even though I am some what scared to actually go up. 

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