Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Road Trip - Day 2

So we started our day off with my hubby wandering around Muskogee and Tenkiller lake area. As a kid he would wander these areas when he visited his mother during the summers.

We stopped by the Cherokee nation and took some photos.

This is Tenkiller lake which my hubby remembers spending summers at.

We traveled the back roads through Oklahoma into Arkansas where we found a Littke Debbie outlet where we might have bought a few things.

As we entered Missouri to the road being craved out of the rocks.

So we might have told some one that the first Culver's we see we will stop for fried cheese curds. Of course as soon as she saw the sign, she squealed with delight the three miles to it. 

Happy kid with her curds- she might Wisconsin after all! 

So at some point you start snapping selfies!!

So we did a potty break at the World's Largest Gift Shop-

It was big and it had this was inside - kinda weird but interesting. 

So our stop for the night was St. Louis. We had driven through tons of times and the last time we actually stayed was eleven years ago when we were first moving down to Houston.

So we checked into the motel and set the GPS to the Gateway Arch which was ten minutes away. 30 plus minutes later and a small tour of St. Louis because the GPs screwed up, we made it the Arch.

So 75% often household didn't want to actually go up in it so instead we sat outside, took some photos and than walked around the wonderful museum in the bottom before heading for ablate dinner. Got some neat shots of the arch at night. 

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