Friday, May 11, 2012

# Organization

Car Trips are Hell

SO summer is fast approaching which means car trips are in our forecast. We are going to Arizona and likely to Wisconsin as well. Last year we did two car trips and on the first one to Florida, I was so mad because the one kid lost one of the cords to the DVD player. I must of yelled for like 50 miles My Father in Law who was with us had never seen me so mad.

So on our way to WI and after I ordered a new cable, I made sure that it all stayed together. This year I had a brilliant idea pop into my head and I created boxes for all of that stuff because it ends up every where (I still have a crayon stuck in the sliding door). I ended up buying clear bins and decorating them with contact paper to hid the items in side as well as make them look cute. Mr. L actually picked out the green contact paper.

I made a bin titled "media" for the dvd player, cords and movies. The rule will be that if it is not in use, it needs to stay in the box plus I have a place for the movies which always seem to get lost as well. I made the kids each of their own to stick all of their stuff in like iPod and DSs. The small one on the top is for our chargers and cords we take along. That will slide nicely under the console between the driver's and passenger's side.

I am REALLY hoping that this will make the trip a little easier and organized. I keep the car pretty clean most of the time but when we are on car rides it seems to be packed full so I am hoping this lessens it some by limiting what they can bring and keeping it in one place.

Now I just have to figure how to efficiently pack four people up with all of our clothes plus the things we need to take with us to Arizona and Wisconsin when we go. So please say a little prayer for me and pray that I have hair b y the end of the trips!

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  1. Becky, I use a soft sided square lunch box for our DVD's, and a cloth hanging bin over the front seats for the kids' stuff.