Monday, May 21, 2012

# crafts # Monday

Two Buck Cake Stand

I so hav been seeing all sorts of cake stands on Pinterest and I have been wanting one. I looked at the craft stores to see if I liked any and I did but not the price. So I have been looking at the dollar store ever since I saw make your own. I look at the Dollar Store and nothing has caught my interest in putting it together. Than today I was at the Mecca of Dollar stores and found candle holders and the cute white plates So the total cost (not including the tiny amount of super glue) TWO bucks. Yep two whole dollars to make this and of course I made two. I love this idea for a quick and fun Hostess gift and of course add some goodies on it. I set my brownies on them though they aren't as nice looking as the two dollar cake plate!


  1. Where is the mecca of all dollar stores???

  2. Sue- 528 (Nasa Rd 1) and Bay area Blvd. It is the size of a small grocery store. Actually I bet it was one in it's past life. You would LOVE it!