Wednesday, May 9, 2012

# sew # Wednesday

Mr. L's new Duvet Cover

The kid is madly in love with Cars. Anything Cars he seems to have to have. He saw Crocs in Cars and couldn't put them on fast enough so when he saw the Cars panel at Hobby Lobby, I decided I would make him a new duvet for his comforter using the panel and the matching fabric.

His comforter is the basic crib size one from ikea I actually bought for Miss O. I did have a cheap duvet on it from Ikea (I think it was like 10 bucks).  I just took the old duvet over and measured that out. I added about 7 inches on the top and bottom of the full Car pattern to make it the right length.

I than used that same fabric for the backing of the duvet. It was a pretty quick sew job and I still need to get some black fabric and make him the matching pillow case as well. For now he has his other Cars pillowcase I made quite awhile ago for him.

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