Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Pinterest Inspired Bags

I LOVE Pinterest. If you haven't gotten on yet, please do. It has so many awesome ideas. I saw these bags the other day and thought I need to make those. So in my crazy sewing frenzy that I have been in I finally created not one but two of these bags. But of course because I always like to make things my own, I did modify the bags some.

I added income thin batting and quilted the outside. I used Stampin Up's Spice Cake and Flirtatious Fabrics. I got canvas like handles from the fabric store. Miss O liked them so much, she already tried claiming the Flirtatious one. I think these are great little bags to carry those odds and ends or even give as a gift bag with a fun present inside.

Mr. L saw them and I had just enough fabric left over from his Duvet project to make him one as well which he proceed to stick all of his cars in. I loved making these because they were quick and so cute.

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