Monday, October 28, 2013

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Fall Wreath and Bench

I love this time of year- it by far is my favorite time. The coolness of the weather - okay slightly cooler weather here in Texas,  leaves changing and Halloween.

I had some ideas on how I wanted to decorate the house for Fall and Halloween this year. I created some pieces that will stay year round, some for the duration of Fall (till I switch out for Xmas) and than specific Halloween stuff.

I took my wreath that hangs on my brick wall and changed out the flowers than added the ribbon. I bought a bouquet of flowers from Hobby Lobby and just pulled them out. I didn't even hot glue them in. I kept the other flowers and when it is spring again, will stick them in.

My hubby than built me the little bench out of about 12 dollars of lumber. It is 36 inches long and 15 inches high. It took him about thirty minutes to cut it and than nail it together. I than painted it black and but the flowers and basket of pumpkins on it. I figure I can change it out for the seasons. 

It is sturdy enough for some one to sit on, my hubby made sure of that. 

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