Friday, October 4, 2013

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Scrapbook Fridays- Zoo Fun

I have noticed I might stand a tad funny when I take my pages because I tend to lean some plus my hubby was sitting on the chair right there and I couldn't get the angel I wanted. Yes I could retake but it makes for a funny story plus he was laughing as I took the picture. He asked if I was taking pictures of pictures? Yes I am and proud of it.

This week I m still doing my pictures from our trip to Wisconsin. This page is our trip to the Racine Zoo. My parents and I took the kids as well as my niece to explore the very nice zoo Racine has. The kids loved all the animals and two months later, my daughter is still talking about the spider monkeys they saw.

I used all SU products. I typed up, printed and punched out the title to accent the pennants I put across the page. I am getting use to so many photos on a single page. It gives a big bang of photos in a small area.

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