Monday, October 7, 2013

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Updo the Living Room Wall

I love my living room and every since my hubby and I redid it, I have loved the far wall but for the past month or so I have been wanting to change it up and try something new. Again, spending more time on Pinterest than I should, I saw a great idea for using shutters on the wall. I also have been so wanting to do a empty frame to accent wreaths that I like to hang up there. So I looked online and saw that the basic shutters at the hardware store were 26 bucks.

So the kids and I went there at like 8 am on a Saturday morning to buy them. I got the smallest ones. They also come in a deep red and I guess they also have paintable ones. The black ones work perfect for me, so I just used those. They are very light and hallow on the back side so two nails to balance it worked easy.

I than dragged them as they like to say into Hobby Lobby to look for a empty frame. At first I wanted a barn wood one but after I looked around, I found the white one which I liked way more.

So I came home, removed all the stuff off the wall and than started putting the stuff back up on the wall. Everything else I had around the house. I added in the wreath and will switch that out for the seasons. I than also added in the banner which had hung off the quilt rack.

I love how it turned out. It gives the wall a new look and I am fine to change it out as needed.

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