Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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15 Facts About Me!

To be honest I really don't like to blog about myself but I am trying to blog more and there are some good ideas out there for recommendations on what to blog. There is a list of 30 days of me for blogging, so I figured that was a good springboard for when I want to add content but don't always have an idea of what I want to add. 

So today's post is all about me and 15 facts you may or may not know about me. Hopefully you will learn a little more about me and my crazy life. 

Here is a recent picture of me and what I actually look like (I like the Bitmoij slightly better). 

1. I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I lived there until 2003 when my hubby got a job in Houston.

2. I meet my hubby in 1999 in college (or as my Mom likes say in a bar). We had a ton of mutual friends and always had misconnections until we went out for Halloween. So Halloween is always special for us. 

3. I have two kids. One girl O who is 11 and about to start middle school and than one boy, Lumpy, who is going into second and is 7. I don't feel old enough to have these two kids.

4. I was born the same year Elvis died. My said she was very pregnant and very sad when she heard it. 

5. I have one younger brother who has 2 kids. Both the kids look a lot like mine so when all four are together, I look like I have a bunch of kids. My 7 year old and 6 year old niece look like they could be twins and actually have been called out that way. 

6. My hubby and I own a start up company called Windhover Labs. He writes the software and I do the accounting and HR. Never thought we would be self employed. I grew up with parents that were self employed. 

7. Hubby is 4 years older than me.

8. I worked for many years in government in The Wisconsin State Assembly.

9. Changed careers and worked for many years on the International Space Station program until I became a stay at home mom (best job to date - the SAHM one).

10. I got to drive the moon rover around NASA once. Hubby won an award and we picked that. Coolest day ever!

11. I once got to go to NASA prom which is a huge awards ceremony because my awesome hubby got nominated. 

12. I love sci-fi and read more end of the world books than I should. 

13. I love to craft. There isn't a craft I haven't tried but I mainly do paper crafts and love to make t-shirts. 

14. I am not a animal lover but I have a little dog who has stolen my heart. My Minion is my constant buddy. Everyone has that one pet that they bond with and he is it. 

15. I love to cook and rarely have an oops but when I do it is epic. 

So 15 things about me. Some are interesting and some are boring. Some might surprise you and some  might be how you know me. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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