Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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Hand Lettering Fun

Hand lettering is the hottest new trend to add some spark to scrapbooking, decor and well about anything that you can think of that might need fun and cute hand drawn stuff. 

Handwriting has become a lost art because digital is pretty much how we do every thing now  a days. 

Even I don't actually write much. Both kids have been working on cursive writing because it is a lost art. 

I have been playing with hand lettering for a few weeks now. I have a journal dedicated to just experimenting with different hand lettering techniques. You can get all sorts of tips and ideas on Pinterest (all my inspiration is in my Planner board).

I have also been using a app on my tablet along stylus (I am on the hut for a more detailed stylus for detail work). It is so much fun to play along with creating different hand lettered pictures. 

I created my fun hello and added some cute accents. 

Of course, other fun things to create is actually doodling with it and I love my little sunflower. 

I just love how happy this new day file is and I am planning on printing it up to add to my planner and scrapbook pages. It would also be supper cute to add to a frame. 
My final fun one is a 4th of July hand lettering project. I added color and the app that I use has features to add stars as well as color. 

I love the idea that I can customize my hand lettering to specific ideas. 

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