Monday, July 10, 2017

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Road Tripping 2017

Every year the kids and I head up to visit my parents up in Wisconsin. Weather is so much nicer there in July than Texas (think our fall weather). Low humidity and bright blue skies with highs of like 80 most days. So we hope in the car and travel up and we have now decided it is fun to stop on the way up to see America. This year we decided (okay I was ganged up honestly) to go see Branson.

The hubby had been there like 30 years ago and I have never been. I have always wanted to see it and it was about a hour really out of our way. So we headed out on Monday to start the ten hour drive to Branson. We got into Branson about 5ish because we made sandwiches in the car and stopped only a short time for potty and gas breaks.

Branson is really a gem in the middle of the Ozark's.  It is a hilly and green area with pockets of fun scattered through the area. Everything close by but traffic is busy with really only one main drag (on the our second day, we figured out side roads were much better).

Our first day night there was just dinner and listening to the never ending firework display by our motel. The next morning, we woke up to rain and though well we will make the best of it but it cleared for most of the day.

The first thing we did was something we stumbled upon, the Celebrity Car Museum. My hubby loves this kind of stuff and it was a fun museum though not cheap (though not much is cheap there).  We looked at all the fun cars around. We saw it only because Ecto-1 was sitting out front and one of the kids screamed GHOSTBUSTERS!

After the museum, we decided to go see the fish hatchery which sounded really cool but because it was federal holiday, it was closed but we still got to see the awesome Table Rock Dam which was amazing. I don't think I had seen a dam before like that and the power it creates is amazing. They also had a nice visitor center that was open that you could look ver the dam and lake. 

After of course we got some lunch (how can you beat the 5 buck lunches at DQ. Boy just had to have his ice cream. 

After we went, we were going to go to Fritz Adventure but it was crazy busy so we went go karting instead. Both kids love go karting and bumper boats as well. I think the boy won because big sister was pretty wet. 

Of course the hubby saw a huge bust of Ronnie and made us stop for a picture because why not!

The kids and hubby finally got to go to Fritz's adventure which was ropes, warp wall and lots of fun. I think they spent like here hours there and I just bummed around Branson while it rained.  After they were done, we tried some moonshine and had dinner down in Branson Landing which was an outdoor mall. We ended our night with a awesome fountain and fire display and watched fireworks not he drive back to the motel. 

We headed out early to get to Wisconsin, which we made it by 5:30 pm so just in time for the kids to jump in the pool!

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