Saturday, July 22, 2017

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My Hair!

My hair is a hot mess most of the time. I have more gray than I would like and yes I dye it. Currently it is pretty dark (my 11 year old doesn't like it and thinks it it to dark). I have been thinking of a more fun color but the kids tell me that I am to old (I am a few months from 40) but I keep thinking why not because I am still young. 

Today I have to go to a shower with my Mom so I figured I needed to do more than a pony tail for that so I started to flat iron my hair. This is the second time in a week I have done it and like before that was I actually don't remember. I was for a long time a daily flat ironer. 

I was chuckling as I flat ironed my hair because I finished one side of head and noticed what a major difference the flat iron makes. How often do you get a before and after in one picture. 

Isn't it funny how big of a difference it makes? I have actual inches added to my hair. My hair is pretty long right now and I do need a cut to. 

Completed flat iron. Amazing what a wonderful tool the flat iron can do for one's hair. I use to have very wavy hair but it has relaxed a lot as I have gotten older which makes it so much easier to work with. 

So here I am all done up with makeup. I actually am not huge makeup wearer and feel like it is pretty heavy on my face most of the time. 

I also hate how when you take a selfie, that it looks like  have ninety chins so thhat is why I don't take them that often!

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