Sunday, July 16, 2017

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Happy Planner = Happy Me

 I have already admitted that I like trends in the craft world. I may not be a clothing or makeup trend person but ways to be creative, I am all about!

Planners are something I start, use for a few months and than stop using. I have had all sorts of ones but than I think well my computer, phone, and laptop are all connected with my calendar so I fall away from it. 

Though I am a sucker for cute stuff and when I saw last November the adorable MAMBI Happy Planner which was like 60 percent off, I thought why not try it. I have used that thing all the time and the reason I love it so much is because you can decorate it to your own personality. All of my stamps, scrapbook, and stickers that I own can be used to make it mine.

Here are my two planners!

I started off slow with it and just did some decorating here and there. Than I joined a few Facebook groups that are Happy Planner centric and oh my were they crazy but in the good way. 

There are sticker packs and freebies you can find on Pinterest. Phrases to motivate you and unlimited uses for washing tape which I used some but now ALL THE TIME.

I chuckled when I would see people with more than one and guess what I have two. A regular one that tracks the calendar and a mini which is my daily journal to track all the things in life. I love adding in my own pages of things like my bulletin journaling (more on that another day) as well as fun coloring pages. 

These planners reflect one perfectly and that was the one thing I always found that planners were lacking. I love tracking things in fun ways and different colors. I have the fall all laid out with the kids each having a place in the planner. I also purchased a label maker which I use for my planner and about anything I want to label. Stay clear of me unless you want it labeled!

Friends are getting in on it and my own mother has multiple ones as well. She is using stickers and loving the personalizing of it. I use it for way to remember the year that was. I track the good and the bad in them. I love that I can add pictures to it from my Kodak instant camera of our memories (see cute pic f my kiddo on my dashboard). 

I love that I finally found a planner that I have used more than a few months. It goes about every where with me and I have no shame in pulling that huge thing out to take notes, see what is going on etc. 

I love how this planner fits in how I love to craft and express myself.

Free planner Printable (for personal use only)

I created this and you can feel free to print up and use for a weekly layout. I used it a few weeks ago in one of my June layouts!

If you would lie your own Happy Planner, Amazon has great deals always and this is
 a nice starter kit! (Affiliated link)

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment bout how you love your MAMBI planner!

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