Monday, July 24, 2017

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Bunking with Kids!

The kids and I are staying with my parents for July and I have to bunk with the 7 year old which has been wonderful. I actually need to laugh about it some because most nights I get okay sleep but last night was rough. Hardly any sleep, horrible headache and listening to the hamster on his wheel (which is"suppose" to be a quiet one) for hours on end. 

I figured we all need a laugh at how our kids are when we have to share a bed. So I am demonstrating in stick figures (be impressed with my awesome drawings).

This is how I am use to sleeping with my hubby though we have a big king bed and it adjusts (it is wonderful).

This is how it is to sleep with either kid but mainly the 7 year old. 

This was how I ended up the other night with him on a queen size blow up mattress. I am the one with the angry mouth. 

Even though sleep was bad last night, the kid actually stayed pretty much where he belongs. I also need to add that BOTH dogs are also sleeping on the blow up mattress. 

Only a week and half until I am back in my own bed!

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