Friday, July 14, 2017

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Bitmoji Love

One of my favorite things is Bitmoji, which is creating your own personal emoji. I just love how custom you can make it. I love sending people texts with my own look and I think my Bitmoji looks a lot like me. 

My Bitmoji has been everything I can make it in the app on my iPhone. I sent one to my Aunt once and she loved it so much, that she had to create her own. It looks just like her to and she will send them to me randomly as a pick me up. 

I used the app recently to make Bitmojis for the kids and myself. I figure I could use them for fun stickers for my planners. I used a scrapbook program and just downloaded the pictures I saved off the iCloud to my laptop. It was super simple but a tad time consuming to add and size them all. 

The sheets look like this:

I can print them and hand cut them out on sticker paper or load them into my Cricut to cut (I already loaded to see how it would look).

I figure this will be a fun way to add a little something extra to my planner and all sorts of things like in the kids lunches. I figure I can print a sheet up for the girl for her school planner to keep track of all her stuff. 

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