Tuesday, September 25, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge 2

Freezer Stretch 2- Day 2

I am on a roll and why yes two days is a roll for me especially with me not feeling that great.  I thought what could I make that was easy and fast. I like fast and I also like something we haven't had in awhile, so tacos it was or to be more precise turkey tacos. Heck I can't taste the difference and I love beef.

I have been using coupons more and more and also trying to spot the deal every where so I had a coupon if you bought two items of a certain brand you got a buck off. I like that because I would buy both items and a buck off helps, every dollar helps these days.

I just browned up the meat, added the premade spice mix even though I do have a large container of taco seasoning in the pantry. I heated up the hard and soft shells, chopped some lettuce and tomatoes plus heated up some refried beans (My second item). Both kids love tacos when I make them. I try not to make them all the time because I like variety so I make them about once a month or even as long as six weeks.

The other thing I did while I was making the tacos was brew up a big batch of sweet tea. I was watching Paula Deen and they were making it on her show and I have so been on a tea kick lately. I guess I am sick of diet soda and water, so I have been drinking tea specifically this lemon mango honey diet lipton tea that you just mix up. It is good but when I saw what Paula was doing, I went to work. I think this is better than my large diet cherry coke zero from Sonic Happy Hour

I took three large tea bags (decaf) and threw those in a pot of water. I added in the juice of one orange and oh my was that a juicy orange  plus some cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and about a cup of sugar. I let it simmer for a good 15 minutes and than poured it in to a large pitcher and added some cold water and let it chill in the fridge. The nice thing is that I can either have it chilled or heat it up for a cup as well.

My hubby and I weren't big tea drinkers when we moved down here. We would have it once in awhile but it is so big in Texas. I have heard people put it in the baby bottles. I have seen sippy cups full of it as well. Now as we have been down here for nearly ten years, we drink it more. We also know where to go in the area to get the best kinds. I guess we are becoming natives!

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