Monday, September 3, 2012

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Paint Chip Art

Paint Chip art seems to be all the rage now with people creating all sorts of things with them. When I was at the home improvement mecca the other day getting paint for Miss O's desk project, I snagged some chips in rainbow colors (this could be done with regular old card stock as well.) I really liked the vibrant colors of the samples that I picked. I instantly thought about how cool it would look punching hearts out of them and putting them with some stark white.

So I headed to the craft store and purchased this frame for 6 bucks (they are always on sale or I use my coupon). So when I got home and after a frantic search for the hearts I had punched out (Mr. L had decided he was going to hid them all over my desk), I got to work. I trimmed down my whisper white card stock to fit the frame, and placed the hearts on them. It got me thinking that it needed something else on so I pulled up My Digital Studio 2 (MDS2) and looked through the offered digital stamps I had in there when the definition set popped up. There is so many of them in that set that I admit I would have a hard time choosing the right one but I finally settled on "together" and printed it up on the card stock.

I than adhered on the hearts and stuck it in the frame. This is one of the those hybrid projects you could make or if you have this stamps set (Define your Life) you could easily make it or even do it all on the MDS2 (I did one using it).

Here is the finished project

This is the MDS2 version I made. I have SO many ideas that I could do with this now!

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