Monday, September 3, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge

Freezer Stretch- Day 5

This is the breakfast edition. I had hash browns in the freezer actually I think there are a few packs in there. I admit to loving potatoes and buying them often in shredded or cubed form so I have them always in the freezer. There is something about them that are so  good and you can do so many things with them.

For breakfast, I was simple but simple sometimes can be so good. I just made some hash browns, fried eggs, and turkey sausage which was floating around in there as well. I think it is always a win when my kids eat it all and I was told that my eggs were goo by the six year old (that is rare because she usually eats eggs in one form- hard boiled).

Dinner well we went out for dinner. We went to the baseball game and was right down the block from this unique Greek Market and Deli so we headed into see all of the unique items. I did buy some groceries but stuff that is hard to find like bulgar (yes the kids might gripe but it is good made the right way) and a Pomegranate  wine which we are excited to try!

At the Greek Grocer they also have a hot bar when you can get food. We all got Greek wraps. The hubby and I had lamb while the kids have chicken. Both were good and how can you argue when it is served with hummus.

I will be back on track for Day 6 though I don't know what I will decide to make. I have ribs I could thaw out which just need to be reheated or even some mushroom chicken might be in there that could be defrosted and put on egg noodles. I might even have some ground beef which means I might have to make the crock pot meatloaf which my daughter has been asking for so we will see!

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