Tuesday, September 4, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge

Freezer Stretch - Day 6

We already made it to day 6 which I find hard to believe because I never eat in this much (okay we ate out on Day 5 but I did cook in the morning).  Today was a informal meal but it was good. I made Potato soup and grilled Turkey Panini sandwiches.

The soup is one I have made many times. I take red potatoes and dice up small. I than take some olive oil and brown the potatoes. Than I add in about 1/4 cup of flour and brown that. I add in one container of vegetable or chicken broth (the veggie broth will make it reddish in color). I than added in some diced ham (we will see the ham again very soon). I let that come to a boil and than add in some milk (about a cup). I eyeball everything and don't really measure much. I than let that simmer until the potatoes are fork tender. I added in some instant potatoes (about 1/4 cup) at the end to thicken it up a tad more. This is optional depending on the consistency you like your soup- we tend to like it thicker. I served it with some shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream. If I had bacon, I would have crumbled some over it as well.

The paninis were so simple as well. I took some nice ciabatta rolls and layered some pesto, co-jack cheese, and turkey. I coated the outside of the roll with some butter and grilled it much like a grilled cheese.  My daughter told me it was better than the sandwich she had at Panera the other day which she raved about all day.

Tomorrow will be a week of finding things to eat in the freezer/fridge/pantry. I think we will be making Ham and scallop potatoes. Stay tuned!

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