Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Halloween Ruffled Apron

The other day I was at the craft store and saw the cutest Halloween Apron with all these ruffles in black and orange. I was so in love but put it back because it was expensive. I thought I will get it when they go on sale.

Than I was at the other craft and fabric store when I saw this really cute fabric. I love when you walk in and bam the seasonal fabric is right there for you to see. I saw one pattern I really liked but than these two coordinating fabrics in bright Halloween colors hit me. I loved the cupcakes on the one and the dots just complimented it so nicely. I thought I could make a apron out of this like the one I saw at the other store plus I really liked this fabric way better.

I took a fat quarter of basic black and hemmed it up on all four sides which is the base of the apron. I than took and cut the length of the fabric (about 36 inches) at a width of six inches for two of the cupcake patter and 2 five inch of the dots. I also cut one more cupcake at 36in long and 5 in wide. I than started at the bottom and pinned from the middle out to make the ruffles (just do any search for ruffled apron and directions should pop up).

I just layered up the top starting with cupcakes (6in width), than dot (5 in), Cupcake (6in), dot (5 in) and finally the cupcake (5in).  When I was all done I cut two 24 inch long by 5 inch wide stripes of the dot to make the tie back. I folded that over in half and than folded each side about  1/4 inch in. I ironed it flat and straight and than positioned, pinned, and than sewed it one. These are general directions and I highly suggest doing a search which I did. I wanted to give general directions and I should have taken way more photos but I got going in the process and well had so much fun creating.

I have to say this turned out way better than I thought it would and I love it. I also got a request for a smaller version and I think I might have enough fabric to create it for Miss O.

Enjoy my new favorite apron- I think a Christmas one may be needed to which means Miss O and Nana will need one as well!

Miss O took the photo!

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