Sunday, September 30, 2012

# Freezer Stretch Challenge 2

Freezer Stretch 2- Day 7

So it rained all day and I so was in the mood for some soup. I have been wanting to make some Broccoli cheese because I got like four heads of it from veggie co-op. I started off with a huge pot of water and added in some dry chicken stock which was my first mistake (I would do about 4 tablespoons). I put to much in and the soup was to salty for my liking.

I than added in the chopped broccoli (you could totally do 2 bags of frozen as well). When it started boiling, I added in a whole brick of easy melt processed cheese. I also went through my fridge and added in any other shredded cheese that was in small amounts. After it all melted, I added in one package of instant mashed potato mix to act as my thicking agent.  The soup was a nice consistency but like I said to salty. I am going to throw a potato in what is left and see if that knocks it down some.

Also while I was doing that I poached three chicken breasts and diced them up to freeze. I figured to have some already cooked diced chicken in the freezer may come in handy. I would really like to prep more meals to have in the future so that is a goal to do one of these days after the freezer goes down more.

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